Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dogs are people too

The last site has to do with dogs. Did you know that dog food can have other dead dogs mixed in?

That is why all natural dog food is such a blessing. And then there is the general dog training page having to do with dog behavior training

all in all allot of good articles there as well.

Here is a site for Fish Care

Another site that has a ton of articles is This site covers a wide range of fish care tipics. From betta fish care to discus fish care. Even Koi fish care and cichlid fish care is covered. There is also Angelfish care and care of saltwater fish. Certainly, our pets are alot safer with so much information at our fingertips.

Remedies do not have to be limited to humans

I found three sites that can help animals as well

the first one is for cats called This site has scores of articles to help your cat with cat health care issues.

the next will be in another post

Friday, April 10, 2009

This an update to my Garlic Cure

This an update to my garlic cure


this is the first year i vomited and the first year i got sick. Its nasty but it works

oh by the way check this out.... how to build solar panel systems

PLEASE NOTE: Always remember Consult with your Doctor before trying this or any of the other natural remedies that you might decide to try from this Site. And of course your results may vary. Thank You.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Heartburn remedies that do not use medication

What is the pain causes by acid reflux

Acid reflux sufferers can have severe pain when the condition becomes chronic. The condition can be found in anyone from baby's right through to adults in later life. Sometimes mistaken for a heart attack the pain can be quite severe and sudden and gives a burning sensation in the chest area. Heartburn being the most common symptom of acid reflux. Acid from the stomach entering and burning the esophagus is the main characteristic of the condition. Acid reflux disease is not always present with someone who has heartburn. However if heartburn symptoms are felt on a regular basis it is better to see a doctor as acid reflux disease may be the cause. The condition is often called GERD which is short for the medical term gastro-esophageal reflux disease.

Normally we just pop an antacid and get on with things. The other thing we do is take an acid reflux home cure, but how do you know exactly what you are curing. Natural cures for acid reflux do not always work and can even make things worse if you do not know what you are doing. Milk is one such natural cure. Although it seems to quell the burning in the stomach initially the cure is short lived. Milk contains lactic acid which soon turns in the stomach and works to produce more acid so giving more heartburn.

How to stop heartburn with natural cures

The treatment of a person as a whole should be the priority for ridding one of acid reflux disease according to natural healing studies. You are in effect stopping the production of stomach acid if your method of treatment entails using acid reflux medication. Preventing stomach acid production will stop your heartburn, but what will happen if you stop taking the medication? Once you have acid reflux disease it is usually for life and your heartburn will return with a vengeance if you stop taking your medication.

One of the main causes of acid reflux is the food that we eat and the4 lifestyles that we live. Stomach acid production can be triggered by certain foods which should not be eaten if possible. Another major contributor to acid reflux are foods that relax the lower esophageal sphincter (LES). Avoiding acidic and fatty foods will go a long way to managing acid reflux disease because of there tendency to produce more acid in the stomach. Some drinks to be avoided are caffeine and alcohol which relaxes the LES. By incorporating just a few lifestyle changes it can prevent acid reflux symptoms from occurring. One way to start healing acid reflux naturally is with a change of diet with foods that soothe the stomach.

Of course you can do this by trial and error and it may take you some time to actually find what the right treatment for you is. Alternatively a proven system that has been set up purely for chronic heartburn sufferers could be your answer. A totally unique holistic system which has a proven track record is the "Heartburn No More System". The author Jeff Martin says the system is guaranteed to cure your acid reflux from the inside to out. Jeff Martin was once a chronic sufferer of acid reflux and like many others had tried conventional and over the counter medication with little to know success. He kept searching for a cure and strove for seven years of experimentation before coming up with his perfect system.

The Heartburn No More system will cure your acid reflux related symptoms regardless of the severity of the heartburn according to the author. The system not only treats the symptoms but also eliminates the root causes of heartburn and that's how it achieves long term success.

If you would like more information on the Heartburn No More system Read my review here.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Wonders of American Herbal Products

buy herbal products

American herbal products can be traced for years all the way back tot he Native American Indians. Various roots and berries that grow naturally around this land can be used for various medicinal purposes, however before one goes trekking into the woods to discover the joys of herbal use, one may want to a little investigation on the internet of the popular herbs that have been used for years in this land and now have the joy of helping others around the world with their healing powers.

Echinacea is a very popular kind of American herbal products that can be found only in the United States. This herb is known for its healing powers against infections in particular the common cold. If a person takes echinacea at the onset of a cold, the longevity of the virus may be less, and this is good news for almost everyone. Echinacea tea has also been known to help those who are suffering with various cancers buy especially skin cancer. The limits of this particular wildcrafted herbal products is endless.

Another type of American herbal products that people use on a yearly basis is the aloe vera plant. Although this plant is not unique to the American landscape, they can be found in many American homes today. Aloe vera is one of the great herbal products beauty experts recommend a person use. Not only does these particular American herbal products offer relief against the harshest of sunburns, but its moisturizing powers are second to none. The aloe verbal plant is easy to grow, and if needed quickly, one can just snip off a piece of the leaves and rub the jelly like substance on the affected skin. These American herbal products can also help with bug bites. If a person finds a supplement combined with aloe vera, then they can feel good knowing that these American herbal products are ones that also aid in herbal constipation relief.

American herbal products can be found in many forms, however, the most well known are usually echinacea and aloe vera. Even though many different American herbal products are on the market, these two can help with almost anything from colds to bug bites. Even beauty herbal products contain these American herbs, and anyone can benefit from them.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Treat Colds Naturally - One Of The Best Benefits Of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy simply revolves around the use of essential oils that are gathered from the extract of plants through the process of distillation  in order to gather the concentrated liquids that comes in very strong fragrant.

The practice of using aroma in curing different body conditions is well known all over the world for a long time.  These are the best aromatherapy benefits. In fact in France, the process is employed as a complement to the conventional medical practices, although they would merely make use of it because of the antiseptic properties of the essential oils. Furthermore, these oils are prescribed by a physician in order to deal with harmful organisms which may cause bacterial, viral, or fungal infections in the long run.

If you are thinking just when the use of "aroma" in aromatherapy has come into the scene then, there were traditional health practices in some regions of United States that made use of different scent in order to lessen the symptoms of illness. In fact, this is recognized in the fact that a lot of people would make use of Vicks or Halls to address issues of clogged sinuses and throats. Furthermore, chemical compounds like menthol and eucalyptus are known to alleviate symptoms that are associated with colds.  These are some of the best aromatherapy uses

Surely, a lot of benefits were given by the use of aromatherapy in medical colds. No wonder, more and more scientists are conducting studies to further discover what these essential oils can do to our body to help cure illnesses.  Curing illnesses naturally without prescription drugs is probably the best aromatherapy use you can find. 

It is true, aromatherapy can help improve your mood and lower your stress levels along with helping with other ailments.  But if you are sick and cannot get better with overused antibiotics then aromatherapy oils can be a lifesaver.  Look into aromatherapy products for providing relief to many of life's problems.  You can buy wholesale aromatherapy products on eBay cheap.