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Cure for the common Cold and Flu

The Cure For The Common Cold And It's FREE

The usual routine for me for any given winter is, especially if I forget my flu shot is this. Get cold or flu like symptoms and keep them on and off for a month or so. Well this is no way to live. We all live in a very fast paced world and we really need to be on the move and get things done. We don’t have time for down time. Right?

The cure for the common cold is something that has eluded mankind for thousands of years. Chicken soup Vitamin C and a host of other natural remedies have been used for years to fight this formidable foe. But that is all that other remedies can do, try to make the suffering a bit better. What this simple cure does is to put the BAM on the cold, it in effect annihilates it! I noticed another very interesting benefit… it seems to act like a flu shot that protects you for another 2 months or so. Now that’s cool!

So what is this miracle cure? Garlic. Yes Garlic. I have been amazed at how so many nutritionists and health conscious people like Jack La Lane referred to Garlic as Natures antibiotic. So, One day my wife and I were working and had an upcoming event, which we really needed to be well for. We just couldn’t be sick! So what could we do…Huuuuum. We remembered the power of Garlic and made a juice consisting of:

½ a Head of Garlic – Or a handful of cloves (yes be generous)
2 Large Carrots

We put all of this through our juicer and drank it. Boy was that hard to gawk down. But low and behold within hours we were cured. And all symptoms were erradicated by the next day.

We later found that the Onion is really good for allergies so we removed that from our recipe. This made the juice easier to choke down.
We found that it makes things better if you have some tasty Carrot/Apple juice nearby as a chaser. And if your stomach feels like heaving, eating a bowl of Raisin Bran Cereal should help.

So the final brew now consists of:

½ a Head of Garlic – Or a handful of cloves (You can experiment with less)
2 Large Carrots
1 Lemon

Chase it with juice that consists of:

6 Large Carrots
4 Apples

And have some solid food ready if your stomach cannot handle this onslaught

There are of coarse some negative side affects:

1. Some erupting
2. You will smell like Garlic the next day which means sleeping on the couch.
Suggestion: Drink this on a night where you know that the next day you will not come in contact with many People. Hay no remedy is perfect.
I just make a joke about it for example: Yah just take me and rub me on your toasted bread… etc.

Look at it like this. When you were young your mommy or daddy gave you a spanking when you were bad right? Did the pain last forever? No it lasted for a few moments. Did it help you to become a responsible adult? Yes. So just look at like a spanking (not the abusive kind of coarse). This juice will taste bad for but a few moments but the positive effects are far reaching.

There are of coarse some Positive side affects:

1. You eradicate the Cold from your body.
2. You enjoy immunity from other colds for about 2 months.

PLEASE NOTE: Always remember Consult with your Doctor before trying this or any of the other natural remedies that you might decide to try from this Site. And of course your results may vary. Thank You.

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