Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dogs are people too

The last site has to do with dogs. Did you know that dog food can have other dead dogs mixed in?

That is why all natural dog food is such a blessing. And then there is the general dog training page having to do with dog behavior training

all in all allot of good articles there as well.

Here is a site for Fish Care

Another site that has a ton of articles is This site covers a wide range of fish care tipics. From betta fish care to discus fish care. Even Koi fish care and cichlid fish care is covered. There is also Angelfish care and care of saltwater fish. Certainly, our pets are alot safer with so much information at our fingertips.

Remedies do not have to be limited to humans

I found three sites that can help animals as well

the first one is for cats called This site has scores of articles to help your cat with cat health care issues.

the next will be in another post